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Our banking and financial knowledge makes all the difference

Our Firm has unparalleled experience advising banks and other financial institutions on a wide range of banking and financial agreements, extending from secured and unsecured credit facilities to syndication loans and more complex financial transactions. Having provided legal counsel to both local and regional banks, our managing partner stands at the forefront of our practice with an in-depth understanding of the nuances of the banking industry. His extensive experience includes delivering legal opinions and playing a crucial role in assisting banks in structuring diverse loans and credit facilities. Clients rely on our firm’s proven track record for strategic and effective legal advice in the complex landscape of financial agreements.

In addition to transactional services, our firm is well-versed in representing banks in Lebanon throughout various litigation and debt recovery foreclosure procedures. We understand the challenges that banks face in these matters and are dedicated to navigating the legal complexities on their behalf. Our team is committed to protecting our clients’ interests and ensuring a robust legal strategy that aligns with their objectives.

Recognizing the unique regulatory environment in Lebanon, our firm combines local insight with a global perspective. This approach allows us to offer comprehensive legal solutions tailored to the specific needs of our banking clients. Our understanding of international best practices ensures that our clients receive advice that is not only legally sound but also aligns with industry standards.


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